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Running Tips from Tia!

Summer Sprints 2020 - Photo: Oscar Bravo

Springtime is here, and with this nicer weather, it means more running WOD’s at the gym!

Have you felt tighter or more sore after our last couple running workouts? That’s okay! For lots of you, this has probably been the first time you’ve ran since before winter, so being sore is pretty normal. However there are ways we can help prevent this or make sure we are taking care of our bodies before, during and after running workouts.

Running adds extra stress on the body, but with these simple tips, it could save you for your recovery as well as make you more efficient in your running workouts!

  1. Wear the right shoes: yes most of our CrossFit shoes are designed to allow us to run in workouts, however, some are stiffer and don’t quite have the flexibility you want in a shoe while running. If the workout mainly consists of running, it wouldn’t hurt to swap out the Nano’s, Metcon’s, or Nobull’s for proper running shoes. If you find your feet are sore or joints give you grief in the WOD give this a try.

  2. Proper warm-up and Recovery. Make sure your hips, calves, core muscles, and even your arms, are nice and warm. Add in some leg swings, toe/heel walks, open/close gate, arm circles, thoracic rotations, core twists, etc. beforehand as needed, and take the time after the workout to stretch these muscles out. An easy warm-up lap and cool-down lap are also very beneficial.

  3. Stay relaxed. Try not to let your upper body tense up, keep your arms down, open hands and find a relaxed rhythm. Lots of times in our workouts, running is paired with pull-ups, push-ups, barbell movements, and the more we can stay relaxed the less break we’ll need transitioning between movements.

  4. Breathe. Yes, it sounds simple enough, but controlled steady breathing is going to save you for those longer workouts, try not to hyperventilate when you feel your heart rate getting up, keep it natural and relaxed, focus on deep breaths in and steady exhales out.

  5. Stay light on your feet. Soft and small steps are more effective than long strides that act as a brake, try picking your knees up and driving them forward and staying as upright as possible to keep you quick on your toes.

  6. Keep a strong core. Running is a full body workout, people usually just think about their legs but it is a full body effort, and your core is your control centre. Through each arm swing, your core is being utilized and influences every movement from your hips down, including your stride length and cadence. A strong core will also keep you tall and help prevent overuse and compensation injuries. So add in some midline work throughout the week to help with your running form. Ask a coach if you need some ideas!

  7. Drink lots of water. Running usually means longer duration, and we exert a lot of energy as well as sweat! Be sure to drink lots of water throughout the day to keep you hydrated through the workout. Hydration will keep your joints healthier and happier when running.

  8. Pick your pre run meal. Don’t eat anything too heavy a couple hours beforehand, as well as make sure to get some post workout carbs and protein in to help your muscles recover quicker.

  9. Do you. Ignore the cheetah’s in the gym, and run at your pace, starting off too fast when feeling fresh, like any workout, can dig you into a deep hole right off the get go, find a pace you know you could maintain for a longer period of time, that way when it’s mixed with other movements you can get right back to the pavement.

  10. Have Fun with it! It’s only as bad as you make it out to be.

Hope these simple tips help some of you in your workouts to come and again if you need any more tips with your running, talk to a coach, we are happy to help!

Coach Tia



WARM UP: 3 ROUNDS - 5 inchworm + pushup, 10 alternating v-up, 15 glute bridge, 20 skips or jumping jacks

SKILL: Push Press 10-8-6-4-2

Rest 2 mins between sets.

Use longer rests if needed! The bigger rep sets need to be conservative or you'll burn out before the big weights!


3 rounds for time of: Row, 600/500 m 8 Hang Power Cleans, 155/105 lbs 30 Wallballs

Tough one here, tougher if your legs are sore from WEdnesday! Can sub in bike (1400/1200) for the row Scale the hang power cleans heavy... i.e. two sets for the first round.

FG3: 115-135/75-95

FG2: 95/65, scale wallball

FG1: Scale bar as needed, cut volume on row and wallballs

CP1: 185/125

CP2: as above but with heavy wallballs 30/20


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