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This version of our classic in-house competition will take place on Sunday September 23!  This Games is a PARTNER competition, so grab your buddy and get after it.  MM, FM, and FF teams will all square off against each other in each level of scaling.

Registration is $40 and all proceeds will go to a charity supporting local families who have children undergoing cancer treatment.

Here are the divisions we will have for the event:

Scaled - people who usually do the "FG1 - 2" level of our workouts.  Barbells will be lighter and skills such as jumping pullups and pushups will be featured.

Rx - you do virtually all of your wods Rx and are comfortable with a wide range of crossfit exercises




Elite - you regularly scale up to the CP level and have high level skills like muscle ups, handstand pushups, and can handle heavier weights in the olympic lifts

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