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Vic City Games - Should You?

Hey all, the Vic City Games are rapidly approaching - only nine days away in fact - and NOW is the time to get in on this fun and challenging competition.

Partner competitions are a lot less stressful than individual ones - you've got a built in support system as well as being able to share reps and work to each others strengths.

This particular format means that you can partner up with another guy or girl and compete with other MM, MF, and FF pairings. Given that scaling evens everything out, it should be a great competitive group no matter what division you are in!

So grab a buddy and sign up ASAP. You can sign up right through the website menu or by clicking HERE.

If you need a partner, put your name up on the board between the bathrooms and connect with another willing participant!!

Coach Cam



WARMUP: 2 rounds - 50 single skips, 15 single kb deadlifts, 5 press per side with KB, 1 samson lunge per leg


Deadlift: Regular, Axle bar, or Trap Bar - 5, 5, 3, 3, 3 E2M


Teams of 3

4 rounds each:

14/20 cal Assault Bike

15 OHS (55/75)

100' Farmer Carry (2 x 35/2x53)

FG2: 35/55 ohs

FG1: Scale OHS and Farmer carry as needed

CP1: 44/70 or 50/70lb medball hug carry, OHS @ 75/115

CP2: 100/150lb medball hug carry, OHS @ 95/135

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